Step Out Of The Shadows And Into The Spotlight With This Luxurious Confidence Unleashing Photoshoot Experience For ‘The Modern Woman’

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 403+ women transformed IN AUSTRALIA & THE UK ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How A Unique Portraiture Experience Can Turn You Into An Empowered, Radiant & BADASS Woman!

Imagine back to that moment you looked in the mirror and felt genuinely beautiful. Where you truly marvelled at yourself

Do you remember the day, the outfit you wore?

Maybe it was your wedding day, or date with your partner or when those favourite pair of jeans fit you perfectly.

And your radiant smile that reflected confidence and inner beauty. Those around you noticed it didn’t they? 

Not just friends and family, but strangers passing by. Feeling your energy with admiration. 

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I wish I could feel that way every day.”

Or maybe, you can’t actually remember the last time you’ve thought or felt this way about yourself…

Well, that’s why I’m so glad you’re here…

Because today, I want to introduce you to something being hailed as the “Unleash Button For Your Inner Goddess”

This isn’t about fitting into society’s molds or comparing yourself to others. It’s about embracing your own unique beauty.

And becoming that head-turning, confidence-radiating woman who embraces her feminine power.

It’s based on cutting-edge ‘Power Posing’ research into human psychology from Harvard University…And it’s a journey ANY woman can start right now…

Regardless of your age, size or background…

This is about taking a deep-dive into your own self, into your inner beauty…

Until you begin to see yourself, and others begin to see you, as the confident, empowered woman you are. 

It’s called ‘Intimate Portraiture’… a proven method already embraced by hundreds of women, just like you.

Ready to create your own ‘Unleash Moment’?

b o d y & s o u l

Here's what others are saying about us...

SimoneJanuary 2024
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so damn powerful and special. You managed to take all my insecurities and make them disappear! Thank you for always cheering me on & hyping me up, honestly THANK YOU SO MUCH. I cried all the way home…happy tears
SophieFebruary 2024
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You are all such a beautiful team. I wish there were more people like you in the world who empower women and not tear there confidence down. I honestly can't believe I did that. I was so nervous beforehand but it was amazing!! You brought out my inner confidence I didn't know I had and I thank you for that.
StaceyMay 2024
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I can truly say every time I ever look in the mirror and doubt myself, I'm going to look up, hold my head high and remember the experience I had this morning. This experience changed the whole way I see myself, and I think it will change my life for good. I can not thank you enough for that.
EmmaNovember 2023
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F&*$ng amazing!!! The whole experience was just amazing. I seriously felt so special, I actually got to see myself in a different light. I can't get over it. I'm still speechless. I can not remember the last time I have ever had a pampering like that... The hair & makeup, surprise flowers & gifts! All the little touches are just incredible.
KaidiDecember 2023
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I'm so proud of myself that I was courageous enough to book in this session. At first it was just gonna be a birthday album for my partner, but it turned out to be way more powerful than that. I'm not kidding when I say at least once a day I will browse though my digital and fine art album. I'm obsessed with myself and damn it feels so good
KaylaApril 2023
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Firstly I want to thank you for yesterday, to say that experience was empowering is an understatement! Secondly this experience you ladies provided is so bloody empowering I felt like a whole new woman walking out of those doors! I felt so comfortable and happy in the space provided I couldn't have asked for a better team to capture me.
BrookeSeptember 2022
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I have seen my images & wall art mock-up and WOW just WOW! I did not expect to necessarily look as amazing as I felt during the shoot...but boy was I wrong! I look exactly how I felt. Sexy. Confident. Proud…. and still curvy, still holding body fat, still having shape... and worthy of putting myself on my own damn walls! I'll be back for sure.
LeandriApril 2022
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I am honestly lost for words and blown away after my reveal today. I had to stop myself from crying! Nothing I can do nor say can express my gratitude to Body & Soul. This journey was meant to be just an anniversary present for my fiance but it has become far more than just that.

The Untold Truth Of Intimate Portraiture:

"How Every Woman Can Step
Into Their Feminine Power"

After photographing so many women and taking them through our experience…
I’ve had the unique opportunity to see what is and isn’t working when it comes to stepping into your feminine power…
And here’s the truth…
You won’t find confidence, or the feeling of being ‘good enough’ in the fleeting high of a shopping spree. Or in the temporary satisfaction of perfectly painted nails.
Don’t get me wrong, they have their place. And I love them as much as the next person. But in our hearts, we know the truth don’t we…?
These pleasures are a band-aid solution. A sugar-coated escape. And when the shopping bags are empty, and the nail polish chips off…
You’re back at square one. 
And the longing to capture the irresistible feminine energy you know lies within you – is still there. 

Desperately trying to escape and show the world who YOU are.
Let’s face it, those ‘quick fixes’ fall short because they fail to address the real issues. They fail to tap into the deepest reserves of your feminine power.
Your undeniable unique beauty…

Your core self-worth…

They focus on the external while ignoring 99% of what matters.
But there is a solution that does work…


the body&soul
intimate portraiture experience

This isn’t just another fad or another temporary distraction…

It’s a transformative journey that combines high end Fine-Art Portraiture with Art-Therapy in a brand new and different way so you can unleash your confidence and see yourself like never before.

Designed to channel your unique femininity into something real and everlasting. Through our lens, we capture more than just a photograph.

We capture the essence of your power…

Your allure…

Your untamed spirit…

An Intimate Portraiture Experience with Body & Soul is about celebrating you in your most authentic, raw, and beautiful state.

It’s about stripping away the societal norms, the external expectations, and embracing your own stunning individuality.

It’s about seeing yourself through a new lens. One that captures your elegance, your desirability, and your magnetic charm. Even if you can’t see it right now…

It’s a true mirror, reflecting back to you the incredible woman that you’ve always been, that you are right now. And the woman you’re on the cusp of becoming.

Scheduling a pre-consult for your session is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. We'll delve into your unique personality, style, and comfort levels. Together we will curate the perfect and most powerful experience for YOU
Discover the magic touch of our in-house senior H&M stylist. Masters of highlighting your natural features (not covering them up)! Not only revealing your natural beauty but also stirring your inner confidence. Get ready to unveil a version of you that's radiant, powerful, and absolutely unforgettable!
This transformative journey and immersive photography experience is about more than just capturing stunning images – it's about discovering the extraordinary woman within through carefully curating a bespoke experience with you that tells your unique story. You are guided every step of the way, from where to look, when to arch, and even how to breathe!
Absolutely no experience is necessary.
This is the moment your captivating journey comes to life! Savor the thrill of seeing your empowered and radiant self unveiled in elegant portraits, then select your favorites to keep as timeless treasures. Being Fine Art Specialists will will curate your perfect collection to suit YOU. From stunning gallery wrap canvases to extraordinary & luxurious albums. Get ready to be mesmerized!



Hey gorgeous my name is Abbey

A seasoned photographer, art curator, world traveller and founder of Body & Soul Studios.

Born, bred & begun on the West Coast of Australia, we are now expanding across the globe!

Truthfully, of everything I could have possibly chosen to photograph, almost anything would have been less complex than the intimacy of a modern woman. 

Less tugging on the strings of my soul, less emotional energy and reassurance. Less standing guard against those negative thoughts women manifest about themselves, less energy needing to be poured into the souls of those who just can’t believe they’re worthy and deserving of this experience…

In spite of that truth, I chose to go to war. 

It was always my destiny to lean into the hard; to fight against the lies that we tell ourselves as women. 

I created The Body & Soul Experience because I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of a photograph. I’ve seen all of the lies a woman has ever told herself fade into the background as she sees an image that negates everything she’s ever been told she was (or wasn’t).

I chose to photograph women in our Intimate Portraiture style because I wanted to provide an experience and a place where I could tell a woman how beautiful & powerful she is, and allow her to feel safe enough to believe it. 

And that is why as a women’s empowerment company, we will never stop fighting for the version of you that we know exists. You’ll still have your days (don’t we all?)…but we have chosen to stand in the absolute truth that you can be confident and vulnerable at the same time, that the broken don’t stay broken forever, that the woman you’ve always dreamt of being already lives within you.

Even if you aren’t right where you want to be right now–with your body, with your relationships, with your job, or with your life in general–it doesn’t mean that where you are isn’t worth capturing, celebrating, and treasuring.

take a peek behind the scenes

June client appreciation party 💗
Your album is more than a set of images for your
eyes to see

An album has texture, ife, memories, emotion,

Like the smell of new (or old) book or the feel of
a vinyl record starting

Albums will never truly be replaced by digitals

They’re archival heirlooms that capture your
journey, strength, courage & beauty

A beautiful piece of art for an art-worthy

Be your own daily damn affirmation
You look at the women in our feed and you think...

“WOW, maybe someday I’ll have their confidence…”

“I can never make friends that easily” 

“Must be nice to be THAT pretty…”

“I’ll never be able to do this, I don’t look like them”

“My body is not where I want it to be, they can’t make me look like art!”

Hear me out...

EVERY 👏🏽 SINGLE 👏🏽 woman who has ever walked through our studio doors or was shaking in their boots at one point or another 🥾

Every one of them took a BIG step in their own way

had to learn to trust themselves

To trust us.

Every single one of them had doubts

Remember that there is a story behind every single image you see—there was a woman who had a mountain to CLIMB.

They had some serious valleys that they had to walk, even crawl through.

What happens when trust outweighs self-doubt?


Life happens. 

The process starts when you make a decision to STOP playing small— don’t take yourself out of the game, don’t be a slave to your excuses— STOP saying “one day”

You get to decide if you’re the main character of your own life.
On this journey, you will learn so much about yourself and what true power lies within you

You will grow in ways you never thought possible and strengthen muscles you never knew you had

You will find peace within your own skin and discover magic in the world all around you|

You will meet people who are kindred spirits, and you will meet people who are simply not meant for your story

My lovely friend, take the first step

Even if you’re scared, even if you don’t know what you’re about to go through, even if you don’t think you can, take the first step

Do it for you
Birthday celebration for this bad-ass woman! 👏🏼
“This is a place I feel at home”
If there’s a little voice inside that whispers, “There’s more for you”... 

Then it’s time to start listening…

Because the truth is, you were born for brilliance. 

For magic.

For a life that takes your breath away. 

But maybe somewhere along the way, you started to doubt in yourself. Settling for ‘good enough’. 

The Goddess Experience is here to remind you of who you truly are. 

To help you shed the masks, labels, and self imposed limitations. 

A transformative journey that will reconnect you with your unshakeable power. 

In just one day, you’ll undergo a metamorphosis. 

Not just in how you look, but in how you feel. 

In how you show up in the world. 

You’ll emerge as the woman you were always meant to be. Confident, empowered, and unapologetically yourself. 

So if you’re ready to answer the call of your greater self just DM us “GODDESS” and we’ll share how you can get started today  x
You know the voice in your head? the one constantly pointing out your flaws and drowning out compliments?

Well gorgeous, It’s been in control far too long..

And the truth is that constantly battling your inner critic is exhausting.

But what if you could silence that voice for good?

Imagine for a second that you could see finally yourself through the eyes of those who love you most. 

Embracing your beauty, inside and out. Feeling worthy, confident, radiant.

That’s where the Goddess Experience comes in. 

Our proven process guides you to release self-judgment and discover the incredible woman you truly are.

Through a transformative journey of self-discovery, you’ll learn to quiet your inner critic and amplify your inner wisdom.

You’ll see yourself with new eyes - the eyes of love and acceptance.

And the best part?

You’ll come out the other side with unshakeable confidence, deep self-love, and the freedom to be your most authentic self.

Plus, you’ll have breathtaking artwork capturing your true essence, as powerful reminders of your healing transformation.

You deserve to see your beauty and worth. You deserve to feel confident and loved. 

The Goddess Experience is your invitation to embrace your true self.

Your journey to radical self-love starts here. Are you ready to see yourself through the lens of love?


An Intimate Portraiture session is a unique photoshoot experience. It’s a combination of fine-art portraiture and boudoir . It’s a carefully crafted experience where our only goal is to see you unleash your confidence and step into your feminine power.

The experience itself spans 3+ hours. We’ll guide you from head to toe so you don’t have to worry about knowing what to do. Just turn up and we’ll make sure you have a red-carpet treatment that will leave you glowing for months.

And last but not least it’s an empowering way to express yourself and celebrate your unique beauty in an intimate and supportive environment.

As soon as you arrive at our studio you’ll feel the love, safety and nurturing of our all-star female empowerment specialists. Meaning you can easily relax and feel supported the whole way. 

Then you’ll enjoy the makeover of a lifetime…so you can step into the limelight with complete confidence that you’ll look and feel your best.

During your session itself, your professional photographer (that’s me) will guide you through a series of simple poses and settings that highlight your natural beauty and personality. 

And the best thing? The poses are so easy. If you can breathe and follow simple instructions like “lift your arm a little” then you’ll be able to pose as elegantly as the models you see on those glossy magazine covers.

We’ll then work together to create images that evoke emotion, confidence, and a sense of empowerment. And I’ll even show you ‘in-studio’ on the back of my camera your raw, unfiltered beauty as you’ve never seen it before.

And lastly you’ll come back for your big cinematic reveal. This is the moment of true transformation. Where you truly believe in yourself and your undeniable allure. This is the YOU that turns heads. And it was there all along…you just needed to see yourself from a different perspective.

Prior to your session, we’ll have a pre-shoot consultation to discuss your goals, preferences and personal story. 

We’ll talk about wardrobe options, makeup, and hair styling to ensure you feel confident and prepared. 

We recommend bringing several outfits and accessories that have meaning to you. 

And we also have an extensive wardrobe of luxury pieces and props for you to use. 

But don’t worry. We’ll give you detailed instructions on exactly how to prepare for your session beforehand so you know you’ll have a powerful experience.

While we encourage clients to bring their own outfits, props and lingerie to ensure a personalized and comfortable experience, we do have a selection of wardrobe items and accessories available for use. During our pre-shoot consultation, we’ll discuss your preferences and make recommendations on what to bring.
Yes, we work with a talented in-house artist to help you look and feel your best during your session. We’ll discuss your preferences during the pre-shoot consultation and ensure your hair and makeup align with your desired look.
We understand that having someone you trust and feel comfortable with can help ease any nerves. However, because of the intimate and vulnerable nature of the experience, we ask that you trust us. We’ve guided so many women through this experience, and they’ve never left the studio feeling anything but loved, cared for, and often over-the-moon with joy.

The experience typically lasts between 2-3 hours.

This includes time for hair and makeup, outfit changes, and various poses and settings. We want to ensure we capture a variety of stunning images for you to choose from!

However the feelings of confidence, and self-love can lasts months after the experience…

And lastly, after you first shoot with us you’ll be in our ‘inner circle’ which means you’ll get exclusive invites to our Luxury Empowerment Retreats, and first access to our events when they’re released.

After your session, you’ll be able to come in for a ‘Cinematic Reveal’ and relive the experience all over again. 

Any products or images can be purchased if desired. Though there is no pressure to purchase at all. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent. Ethical. Honest. And will never use any kind of high-pressure tactics like some other photographers use.

Our goal is for you to walk away with exactly what you want. No more. No less.

At our consultation, I’ll walk you through all the payment options. Including our flexible payment plans that start at $17/week making our collections accessible to every woman.

We take your privacy very seriously. Your images are stored on encrypted servers that only you and I have access to.

And images will only be shared with your explicit permission.

We may request to use some images in our portfolio or marketing materials, but only with your approval.

The editing process typically takes 4-8 weeks due to the quality of editing from our in-house editor.

10% OFF

On any Wall-Art purchased after your empowering session. The voucher must be claimed within 60 days by booking your free consult